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Hi, I am Tegar!

I currently work as data analyst, challenged to think forward and solve problems using existing technology to give impact to our surrounding. In every condition I try think as a problem solver where challenges are not only to be completed, rather it have to give real impact and gratify everyone. When work as a team, I tried to understand people with high standard of empathy, make discussion with them and do collaboration together.

My Portfolios

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Propam Polda Jatim

Police Infringement monitoring system (operated by Provos) in East Java.

Fire in the Hole
Monta : Monitoring Tugas Akhir

S1 Thesis monitoring system at Informatics Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya.

Stay foolish
CBIC - Wallet Sizing

Mandiri Corporate Banking operational tools for accessing client's wallet

Know your cake!
Math Defense
Math Defense

A game which combine tower defense and math basic calculation knowledge, stimulating math memory and reflex.

Wedding Web
Wedding Web

Wedding web for efficient tools to share joy and invitation online, effective for later generation.

Church Information Website

Church Website for administration and information sharing